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Journey to Da Long Dong

Owing to the development comparatively earlier, Dalongdon District was formed into a unique commercial style blended with bristly ancient monuments, good attendance at temples, and foreign culture impact, much more all assorted snacks bred by abundant cultures. Visiting here, you may reminisce the ancient scenario with a pensive mood, and ponder the prosperous era with crowed travelers on the past.

Sightseeing Tour around Dalongdon Old Street

Hami Street :
Confucius Temple , Paoan Temple , Former Site of the Forth-four Kan

Consecrating the Spirit of Paosen, the Paoan Temple ranked as the second-degree ancient monument was build in 1805 (the 9th year of Emperor Jiachin, Qin Dynasty), together with the Longsan Temple (Monka) and the Chinshui Temple, collectively named as the three major temples in Taipei City. In 1995, Pao-An Temple was restored by traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology. In 2003, UNESCO awarded the prize of Asia Pacific Cultural Preservation to the juridical person of Pao-An Temple. Opposite to Paoan Temple, there is a stele carved with inscription of “Former Site of the Forth-four Kan (street)”, signifying that Dalongdon in its prime of life used to have two rows of forty-four shops built with the wooden structure and tile roof, also known as the earliest shopping mall in this area, for which the Dalongdon's commerce was getting prosperous day by day.

Peripheral Old Street

Yen Pin North Road :
Chen Yue Gi Ancestral House , Ci Sheng Temple , Fazhu Temple

● Known as the “Teacher's House”, the Chenyuagi Ancestral House was built in 1807 and ranked as the third-degree ancient monument where Teacher Chen Wei-Yin was living there, a soul man then in Dalongdon District.
● Ci Sheng Temple and Fazhu Temple together with Xiahai (the justices in Hades) Temple are collectively named as the three major temples in Dadaochen Area. Mazu god was enshrined in the temple, for She was the belief center for traveled merchants in the early stages to protect the peace of merchant ships.

● Fazhu Temple was build in 1887, enshrining the Fazhu god --- a believing center for tea merchants.

i Hwa Street :
Xiahai Temple (Dadaochen) and Chen Yuan Ginseng Drugstore

● Dihwa Street is the commercial center of Dadaochen and the largest wholesale market of clothes, Chinese medicine, and dried foodstuff in Taiwan.
● The Xiahai Temple at Dadaochen was built in 1959 and ranked as the third-degree ancient monument, consecrating god of the city.
● The Chen Yuan Ginseng Drugstore was founded by Chang Chin-He in 1875, having a centurial reputation throughout the country.